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VICTOR LOVEIRA - Gonzales, LA (USA) Originally from Havana, Cuba, Victor has over 30 years experience as a DJ and over 16 years experience as a west coast swing DJ. Victor's first West Coast Swing (WCS) event to DJ was The Texas Classic in 1995 in Dallas, Texas. From that point on, he has had the good fortune of DJing many of the countries’ top swing events including The US Open, Dallas DANCE, Boogie by the Bay, USA Grand Nationals, Americas' Classic, Liberty Swing, Swing Diego, Swing Fling, Summer Hummer, Tampa Classic, Worlds and Phoenix. Victor has also traveled internationally to DJ at prestigious swing events in London. To his credit, Victor is considered by peers to be one of the top Swing DJs in the business and travels approximately 40 weeks in a given year. In 2005, Victor was honored with the AllSwing DJ of the Year Award. He won Best DJ of 2011 at the first annual Westie Awards Gala, an honor bestowed on him by his west coast dance peers. Most recently, Victor was inducted into the 2012 DJ Hall of Fame at the USA Grand Nationals in Atlanta. So ... Victor, what's your Top 20 Favorite Songs ?! CLASSICS :

1. Alva's Baby Blues - Ray Sharpe
2. To Know You, Is To Love You - B.B. King
3. Let's Stay Together - Al Green
4. Natural Man - Lou Rawls
5. Down In The Valley - Sam Cooke
6. Don't Play That Song - Aretha Franklin
7. How Long Can A Fool Go On - James Cotton
8. Cause I Love You - Mike Morgan & The Crawl
9. One Drop Of Love - Ray Charles
10. Take Me To The River - Al Green


1. Let's Go - Calvin Harris Ft Ne-Yo
2. Back In Time - Pitbull
3. Wild Turkey 101 Proof - Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne
4. Black Coffee & Cigarettes - Mighty Mo Rodgers
5. Payphone - Maroon 5 Ft Whiz Kalifa
6. Tonight - John Legend Ft Ludicris
7. Titanium - David Guetta Ft Sia
8. Own This Club - Marvin Priest
9. Wild Ones - Flo Rida Ft Sia
10. Things Are A Changin' (Live) - Gary Clark, Jr.
Your favorite music style ? Blues & Syncopated Contemporary Your favorite artist Too many to put on this list When did you start Djing ? 1980 The thing you love more and the one you hate most ? Commroddary and back stabbing Your favorite color ? Red Your favorite meal ? Cuban food Your favorite animal ? Dolphin The list of the main events and clubs you have Djed so far ? - South Florida Swing Dance Society
- Americas' Classic
- Boogie by the Bay
- Boston Tea Party
- Novice Invitational
- Mad Jam
- Swing Fling
- Virginia State Open
- US Open
- Swing Diego
- USA Grand Nationals
- Liberty Swing
- Phoenix 4th of July
- Swingin' New England
- Tampa Classic
- Summer Swing Classic
- Dallas DANCE
- Desert City Swing
- Meet me in St. Louis
- UK WCS Championships
- Swingtime in the Rockies
- Atlanta Swing Classic
- Chico Dance Sensation
- Swingcouver
- Sea to Sky
- Reno Dance Sensation
- Swing Dance America
- Chicago Classic
- Summer Hummer
- City of Angels
- Sin City
- Halloween Swing Thing
- Montreal Dance Fest
- Spotlight New Years
- Austin Swing Dance Championships
- ...

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