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CHRIS JONES - Portland, OR (USA) In 1981, while serving in the Marine Corps, Chris Jones started out DJ'ing country music in the bar of a Bed and Breakfast in Dunoon, Scotland. While he has been active as a judge, teacher, competitor and dancer in the WCS community since 1984, Chris first started DJ'ing WCS in 1999 for a small local dance, and it wasn't long after that the local WCS club asked him to DJ for them. His first convention gig was at Monster Mash in Spokane, Washington, and he has continued to add to his resume since then.
Chris is most often found playing the late night set and keeping the dancers grooving till the wee hours of the morning. His favorite line is “Dang you Chris Jones, I need to go to bed!” Chris feels very fortunate to be able to share his love of music with the dancers.
So ... Chris, what's your Top 20 Favorite Songs ?! CLASSICS :

1. Stuff Like That – QUINCY JONES
2. Bop Gun – ICE CUBE (Feat. George Clinton)
3. A Natural Man – LOU RAWLS
4. Let’s Get It On – MARVIN GAYE
5. Spankin’ Leroy – LUCKY PETERSON
7. I’m Not Through With You – CLYDE’S RIDE
8. Til My Baby Comes Back To Me – LILY WILDE
9. Heard It through The Grapevine - ZAPP & ROGER
10. Doing It To Death – JAMES BROWN


2. Can You Hear Me Now - BRANDY
3. Nightcall - KAVINSKY
4. Bring It On Home – JOAN OSBORNE
5. Control Freak – STEVE AOKI
6. I Can Only Imagine – DAVID GUETTA
7. Grapes On A Vine – BETTY WRIGHT
8. Creeper Returns – MARC HUMMEL
9. Ragdoll – LUCY WOODWARD
10. After Midnight – MARC COHN
Your favorite music style ? Blues Your favorite artist Quincy Jones When did you start Djing ? 1981 The thing you love more and the one you hate most ? I love my good friends ! I hate grated coconut ! Your favorite color ? Purple Your favorite meal ? Thai or Cajun Your favorite animal ? Horse The list of the main events and clubs you have Djed so far ? - Palm Springs New Year’s Swingin’ Dance Camp
- Bridgetown Swing
- Chicago Classic
- Seattle Easter Swing
- Palm Springs Swingin’ Summer Dance Camp
- Sea To Sky
- Swingcouver
- Portland Dance Festival
- FreZno Dance Classic
- US Open Swing Dance Championships
- Phoenix 4th Of July
- Desert City Swing
- Reno Dance Sensation
- Dance N Play
- Come Rain, Come Shine
- Sweetheart Jamboree
- Monster Mash

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